Nulla Ventures

‍Nulla Ventures is an early-stage venture capital platform founded and led by entrepreneur-investor and General Partner Jermaine Brown. From his perspective as a former Founder, Angel Investor, Limited Partner and Institutional Investor, Jermaine recognized the following

1. Access

Capital and scaling expertise has historically been centralized in a tiny geography and small insular network. Exceptional founders in that geo or network have a high probability of being matched to both.

2. Mobility

Exceptional founders outside that geo or network have a low probability of being connected to both unless they relocated. More exceptional founders are starting companies in communities that fit their personal priorities. They’re more dispersed. They’re less inclined to relocate. They’re less inclined to fit their life into work.

3. Inefficiency

It’s more inefficient than ever to match capital and scaling expertise to founders. The capital and knowledge to build amazing companies is concentrated, but the people who build amazing companies are dispersing.

Nulla Ventures was founded to solve this inefficiency problem, so more exceptional founders can start and scale companies. 

Origin Story
Jermaine Brown
Founder, General Partner

Growing up in Louisiana, Jermaine always wanted more for himself and his family. Starting several side hustles as a teenager helped Jermaine realize entrepreneurship was the way to control his own destiny and improve his life. His life could reflect the value he created for customers, not his starting position in life.

After graduating from LSU, Jermaine moved to Atlanta for a consulting job. After saving enough seed capital, Jermaine launched CCAW Automotive Group, a B2C automotive e-commerce company. He bootstrapped the company to profitability and over $10 million in annual revenue. After several years, geopolitical headwinds led to the difficult decision to shutter the business...

Atlanta, Georgia
Nulla Headquarters

With his life trajectory changed, Jermaine wanted to help more entrepreneurs improve their lives by building successful companies. As early-stage Atlanta based founders, Jermaine and his friends had a hard time accessing capital and people with scaling expertise. He heard similar complaints from successful founders in other cities. He zeroed in on fixing this problem to increase the odds of success for more entrepreneurs.

He began angel investing in early-stage companies and became a limited partner in early-stage venture capital funds. He became a Partner and founding team member of an early-stage venture capital firm. Jermaine now leads the Nulla Ventures that you know today, where he combines his experiences and insights to serve and empower entrepreneurs in effective, yet nontraditional ways.

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