The Nulla Approach

How we match capital to founders is different. We don’t make founders endure network distance, we reduce network distance to make matching more efficient.

Network distance and homophily impede entrepreneurship. Nulla believes the answer is to reduce network distance, not put the onus on founders to navigate it.

Instead of an ivory tower approach, Nulla believes in something different. Being dispersed and closer to the ground level where founders build. To accomplish this, entrepreneurs who are investors are the key. Investor entrepreneurs, as we call them, aren’t your typical investors.

They have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to build their own investment firms, not work for someone else. They can spot exceptional entrepreneurs solving nascent problems early because they’re gifted at discovery and building connections with people of varying backgrounds. These investor entrepreneurs are the key to reducing network distance.

If we help more investor entrepreneurs launch and become successful, we create a different kind of investor network. One focused on reducing network distance and improving the matching process for founders.

Supporting Spotters

We believe in spotters. Their skills are valuable and we want to partner with them and help them become investor entrepreneurs.

We provide the following to exceptional spotters:


Up to $2m of capital to invest into early-stage companies.

Back-Office Admin

Accounting, tax filings, entity formation, and a variety of other back-office tasks.


Feedback and mentoring for successful investors who help spotters hone their craft.


Be part of a community of spotters building their own firms.

Up Next
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